Tenderness abounds.

Eyes leak.

Hearts aches.

Memories attack.

Regret emerges.

Threats arise.

Sweetness subsides.

Hollowness expands.


Softening happens.

Growth occurs.

Breath returns.

Life moves on.

And I’ve changed.

In love and liminality,

Annie Rose



I sit with you, old lover,

once lost

but with me once again.

Your fingertips grace my cheek,

I blush.

My eyes touch yours,

we kiss.

As sweet as it once was

As full as it could be

As beautiful as we once were

We are tonight

in touch.


She Drifts

Transformation is afoot.

I’m tracing my finger along a line to see where it goes.

I’m pushing here.

I’m releasing there.

I’m letting go.

Life is shifting for me.

I’m shifting too.

My ideas? Gone.

My plans? Moot.

My pleasures, my passions, my dedications? Drastically changing.

I appreciate this space…and, it’s revealing…sometimes scary.

But here I am.

In the space

of transformation afoot.