About Annie Rose Stathes

I currently live in Los Angeles, California with my husband, JB. To fill my days, I write, surf, dance, practice yoga, eat good food, think critically, laugh with loved ones, take improv, create art, travel, and many other things.

I have a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs and a masters degree in Political Science, and I’ve studied extensively through Landmark Education. I apply my studies to an exploration of life and society, and I’m always looking for ways to make our world healthy and vibrant.

I’m most passionate about authenticity, social justice, transformation, adventure, and artistic expression.

There are many facets to me and my life, and the best way to discover them is through this blog! I created it to reflect upon my own adventures and to invite you into yours.

I look forward to sharing this space and connecting with you!

With love,

Annie Rose Stathes