Tight Skin

Sometimes I’m shrouded in insecurity.

Some parts of life can be so uncomfortable.

I have this commitment to having clarity and authenticity in my life.

Sometimes that means that I have to say the hard thing or ask the hard question.

Sometimes that means that I have to stand up for myself, which does not come naturally to me.

I hate how my body feels when I’m doing the hard thing. My stomach gets queasy, my throat gets tight, and my heart beats uncomfortably fast.

I feel sad and scared.

I feel ashamed and unloved.

When I’m in this space, nothing seems right. My writing isn’t good enough. I’m on the wrong path. My friends don’t really love me.

I become filled with anxiety and doubt, fear and discomfort.

Just writing about it helps me feel better.

Just noticing it and granting it being makes it feel less real.

I think that part of why I love people so much is because I too just want to be loved.

We all do, really.

In love and liminality,

Annie Rose

3 thoughts on “Tight Skin

  1. Woke up this morning with succulents on the brain. Pictured a beautiful Blue Glow Agave or an Echeveria with rose tipped leaves on the top of my worn out rusted table top. Could see it all in color on a ground of terra cotta, reddish brown, muted gold with just a glint of gold. Aaaaamazzzing! No spiral in sight! A dragonfly was there but couldn’t decide if he wanted to stay.

    You inspire me. Love, Aunt Cathy

  2. If you wanted to be reminded that you are loved, you can always ask me! I promise to grant you being and remind you that you are of course loved!!

  3. Your Mother always loves you. Sit in your Mother’s love. Let it surround you. Let it rub it’s fingers through your hair.

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