Surfing with Dolphins

Today I saw dolphins while I surfed.

The first sight of them is always magnificent. First I see fins, and then I see the arches of their bodies as they move in unison through the water.

When they appear, most surfers, it seems, stop, point, and look on in wonder.

I told my husband as we left the water that no mater how many times I see dolphins, they always surprise and delight me.

I wonder what it is about them?

And how do I bring that into my everyday life?

In love and liminality,

Annie Rose

P.S. A little story (since I am a storyteller): I was once waiting for waves in the ocean when a pod of dolphins swam by. One came just 5 feet away from my board. It paused, rolled over, and looked right at me with its eye. I looked at it, and we had a moment. I was so in madly in love, I could hardly breathe. We were so present…so connected…so free. After a few minutes, it rolled back over and gently glided away.


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