Today it took me 7 hours to write 600 words of web content.

Today my friend Peter said, “Share your slumps with me. It’s more fun that way. Milk them for all they’re worth!”

Today we received a hummingbird feeder in the mail from my dear friend Wilson.

Today my sweet friendy left me the nicest voice messages.

Today my friend told me that when I’m happy, he’s happy and meant it.

Today my husband stopped grading, held me in his arms, and gave me sweet kisses.

Today I drank green juice with garlic in it.

Today I wore a sexy red dress just because.

Today I cried six different times for no particular reason.

Today I took a walk and saw baby geese.

Today my Sholuna told me that she loves me, sent me a picture of herself making a funny face, and asked me if I still wanted a face transplant.

Today I found my box of sacred altar items.

Today I ate a burrito at a new Taqueria.

Today I saw a super cute photo of my little sister.

Today I got a bloody nose.

Today I offered my shoulder to a grieving stranger.

Today I reached out and responded instead of shrinking away.

Today I looked up at an almost-full moon.

Today I found our heating pad and placed it on my womb.

Today I lived.

In love and liminality,

Annie Rose

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