A Return to Annie Roseness

For me, clutter occurs on the inside.

Sometimes it feels like my body is confused and disorganized. I can’t feel my feet on the ground. My mind can’t settle. My muscles feel loose and flabby. My skin feels tight and dry. Nothing about my body, mind, or soul feels pulled together and connected. I can’t tell where I am.

It is in these moments that I notice I need something.

I need to run and get nice and sweaty.

I need a good hour or two of a strong yoga practice.

I need to duck-dive into the ocean and enjoy a good surf.

I need to eat nothing but healthy, unprocessed foods all day long.

I need to clean my space.

I need to remove all clutter.

I need to sit on the floor and conduct a full body scan and meditate.

I need to open my journal, pull out my markers, and create.

I need to return myself to my promises, intentions, and goals.

I need to address something I’ve been avoiding.

I need to sit with my husband and connect.

All of these things, I notice, with the exception of connecting with my husband, I need to do alone.

I need my alone time. Time to let my molecules settle without being influenced by anyone else’s.

I need time to feel me without feeling someone else. I need to close the door. Open my heart. And just be.

In love and liminality,

Annie Rose

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